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Where To Buy Wheel And Tyre Packages In Australia

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If you are looking for where to buy wheel and tyre packages in Australia, here are some alternatives so that you can find everything you are looking for in the same place.


Silverwater Store


Located at 95-99 Silverwater Road, Unit 5 Silverwater NSW 2128, phone 1800 099 634, e-mail


For your convenience, these are the opening hours at this shop, Monday to Saturday they are open between 8am and 5:30pm, on Sundays this shop is not open.


Caringbah Store


Located at 27-29 Captain Cook Dr.Caringbah NSW 2229, telephone 1800 515 008, e-mail, please note the information of the opening hours at this location, where they are open Monday to Friday between 8 am and 5:30 pm, on Saturdays and Sundays the shop is closed.



It is located at Level 19, 10 Eagle Street, Brisbane, QLD 4000, Australia, telephone 1800 099 634, to attend this company these are the opening hours, Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm, and on Sundays it is closed.


In these establishments you have the opportunity to get where to buy wheel and tyre packages in Australia, for any type of vehicle you own, they also provide an added value, which is an online service that allows you to comfortably search for the type of wheel and tyre you need.


Just select the vehicle make, model and year, and then a range of varieties of these products will be displayed, with adequate and sufficient information with all the technical characteristics, availability and the price at which you will find them in these establishments.


You also have the alternative of making your purchase online, in a very easy procedure, where you can also obtain rights to important discounts, and you can make purchases adjusted to your requirements.


The human and technical team provide efficient, fast and timely attention, as they have special training in this field and bring passion to the work they do. Visit us at to know more about our services.