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What are HID bulbs?

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Have you recently heard your colleague or friend talking about an HID bulb? Are you wondering what are HID bulbs? If yes then continue reading as we will discuss the same in the next few minutes.


High-Intensity Discharge Bulb, or HID Bulb, is a kind of bulb that runs with the help of electrical gas discharge. It is a better version of halogen bulbs that had been very popular over the past few decades. They are also known as xenon bulbs due to the presence of xenon gas in them. This bulb is being largely used in cars as it offers better light. In fact, it is brighter than halogen lamps without using the same voltage. It means HID bulbs will give more light at lower voltage consumption. When you install these bulbs in your car, you can expect them to run for as long as 3,000 hours. Some people believe that a set of quality bulbs will last for a lifetime.


If you have to drive your car at night, it is important to have powerful bulbs that will light your way. Driving a car in a dark highway is dangerous for you and your goods. It is imperative to look out for ways to ensure your safety. If your car has halogen bulbs or LED ones then you should consider changing them right away. You should get HID bulbs for your car for increased glow and better performance. If you want to get these bulbs, you should visit an auto repair shop around you. Make sure that the auto repair shop is reputed for selling quality products. You would not want to fit bulbs that will go bad in a short period of time. It is a good idea to find a shop that is popular for offering quality products and excellent services.