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My Top 5 Aussie Male Bloggers

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With Movember underway at the moment it’s a great time to bring awareness to the often ignored issues of men’s health. I thought it would be great opportunity to also bring attention to some of our Aussie Men who are getting it done in the blogosphere. So, in no particular order here is my Top 5 Aussie Male Bloggers.

1. Man of Many

Frank Arthur and Scott Purcell Co-Founders of

To think just after a single night and a few beers later they have created a blog that caters for so many men in a showcase of content. Man of Many cover all the bases from exciting and unique brands in fashion and all the current trends in design and tech. Personal favourite blogs are in the Entertainment Category, covering some cool content from awesome coffee book collections to everything cars. These boys are getting it done in the blogosphere, and gaining the credit they deserve. The guys were fortunate with a big win in the Blogster Awards, taking home the prize for best blogger in the Tech, Media & Design category. We can expect they will be gaining a lot of traffic their way.

2. I Dig Your Sole Man

Lester Jones Creator and Owner at

If you love your kicks or just have a massive shoe fetish, I Dig Your Sole Man has got it covered. IDYSM is a blog filled with interesting articles and photography on all things street and sneaker culture. If you love your shoe culture, the ‘In Their Shoes’ blog category is a personal favourite showcasing a written word interview series with interesting, influential and intriguing influencers from around the world.  From sneaker events to the latest releases on all things shoes, Lester is your man bringing it to the ever growing Australian sneakerhead community.

3. Mr Volpato

Marco Volpato Founder & Editor In Chief at

Mr Volpato is the blog that is all things sheer sophistication for the modern man. Marco writes a witty and light hearted site that is filled with a great variety of content.  From all things style and grooming, to life’s little pleasures and the ladies, there is something that will keep you coming back for more. The ‘Life’ content category is a great read, showcasing some awesome new tunes to the positive posts telling you to chase you dreams. Mr Volpato is a blog full of positivity and pure class.

4. Wayward Son

Gian Reyes Managing Editor at

Gian Only Launched in August this year but is already seeing a huge amount of interest from its readers and it’s not hard to see why. This lifestyle blog is jam-packed full of content ranging from fashion, bars, restaurants, health, travel to entertainment and the ladies. Gian’s Health blog is one that is both practical and insightful along with his very handy travel tips for the common man. Wayward Son has experienced huge exposure and in such a short period of time, Gian deserves a pat on the back for his efforts.

5. SMF (Sydney Me­­­­n’s Fashion)

Elias El-Indari Founder and Editor at (Sydney Men’s Fashion)

Elias originated in Sydney but his talents have taken him all over the globe, where he still blogs the current trends whilst always being impeccably dressed.  Amongst his style blogs he contributes greatly to travel and luxury wheels, where you will become envious of his current lifestyle.  His blog also contributes to the latest in tech news and addresses something for the ladies too. If you are inspired by all things high-end and you want to be in the know then is the site for you.