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Is social media marketing expensive?

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The question “Is social media marketing expensive?” is a common one among those just starting to promote their business online. You have already invested quite a bit of money into setting the business up as well as the hosting fees for your website. You are now understandably wondering how much more money it will take to spread awareness of your brand through social media. Social media marketing in principle is not too expensive. But in order to succeed in promoting your business in the world of social media, you will likely need to invest some money over time. The setting up of accounts is virtually free of charge. Leaving aside the need for a computer to access the site and the smartphone you will use to take pictures, registering on most social media websites is free. From here you can already achieve most of what you need to do to promote your business. You can create a page on Facebook, a news feed on Twitter, a gallery on Instagram, and a series of videos on YouTube without paying a cent. Assuming you have image editing skills, you can also create a logo and proactively share it on these platforms too. Even if you do not have such skills, logo design for a new business is not too expensive.

Where cost can become a consideration is when you want to improve the quality of your social media marketing campaign. Better pictures on Instagram will likely require a high-end digital camera and some photography experience either attained through a training course or provided by a professional photographer. Publishing high definition instructional videos on YouTube with the appropriate lighting will involve investment in the necessary video making equipment. You then need to consider the photo and video editing applications and, if the business has grown large enough, the hiring of staff to manage your social media marketing operations. Having said this, these considerations should not stop you from starting to promote your business on social media management by Codi Agency. One advantage of social media marketing over more traditional methods, such as newspaper and television advertisements or billboards, is that it is very accessible to the vast majority of entrepreneurs. This means that even with very limited capital, you can run an effective game-changing marketing campaign fit for the digital age. In the era of social media, you can start promoting your business with as little as a laptop, an internet connection, and some motivation!