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How Much are Breast Implants in Sydney?

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As with most questions, the appropriate response to “how much are breast implants in Sydney?” is it depends. First breast “implant” itself doesn’t imply the surgical procedure, but rather the insert. And as with all inserts, there are many types, each with different costs. Take a look at the different types of breast implants.


  • Saline Implants: these are the least expensive implants and are made of silicone shells filled with saltwater. They’re cheaper because they have the highest risk of (harmlessly) leaking, requiring you to book maintenance surgeries. They also don’t feel quite as natural as other implants.


  • Silicone and Gummy Bear Implants: The later is a new and improved version of the former. They’re both made of silicone gels, inserted in silicone shells. Gummy bear implants have a more natural “tear drop” shape, so are more expensive.


  • Fat Transfer: moves fat from one part of your body to your breast. In this case, you eliminate the need for an expensive, artificial breast implant that your body may reject, with your body’s natural fatty tissues. The cost with this lies not in the breast implant itself, but the multiple procedures needed to accomplish it.


After deciding on the breast implant to use, one other factor that could affect your cost is the breast augmentation procedure you choose to use, and the expertise of the surgeon. Breast implants can be inserted through peri-areola insertion (through the nipples), inframammary incision (under the breast), transaxillary approach (through the armpit), or through endoscopic procedures. Each has its merits and demerits, as well as price tag.


In Sydney, you can expect breast implants and breast augmentation to cost between $6,000 and $15,000. Make sure you learn about all the services included in a package; whether you’ll need to pay for other medications or medical services outside the stated price tag.