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If you’re like many Australians, you’re likely using a smartphone or tablet! As Aussies are spending more and more time using the web via handheld devices, how they share their content is changing too. In addition to our blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, Nuffnang AU is now also on Dayre!

Dayre (pronounced Day-ree) is a new social media platform for blogging on the go.

Dayre is an app that allows you to blog from your mobile phone or tablet. Dayre is for busy people with more to say than 140 characters, or that a filtered photo will allow. It’s the perfect window behind-the-scenes for updates on the go, and now Nuffnang AU is sharing updates there too!

You have the option of 5 different types of content to mix and match into your posts: Text, Photo (with filter options!), Video, Stickers, or Location.


Chronicled day-by-day, Dayre is the next big thing in social and the easiest way to blog on the go. Be sure to follow @Nuffnangau on Dayre to see behind-the-scenes of blogger events and campaigns, as well as our usual team antics of course!

All the staff from Team Nuffnang have been having heaps of fun with Dayre already, so be sure to follow along! Leave a comment below with your Dayre handle so we can follow you too!