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Nuffnang Featured Blogger for the month of April

Hi there Nuffnangers! I’m Violet, I’m 22 and I’m living in roughly my 23rd house here in Australia. I love all things girly but I would have no problems kicking your arse at Super Smash Bros. By day I am a mild mannered Graphic Designer who runs a Graphic Design business with her awesome boyfriend James.

I love Lolita fashion and I am currently exploring the realms of Hime Gyaru fashion. Both of these are street fashions originating in Japan. If it has pearls, lace and frills I’ll probably be all over it.

My current obsession is deco-ing everything I can lay my beautifully manicured hands on! Oh that’s right I love over the top nail art too.

My blog “Violet LeBeaux- Tales of an Ingénue” is mostly concerned with the above, though you’ll probably find tutorials on making pretty things too and anything else I find vaguely interesting at the time! I aim to be informative so I hope my blog will help someone who is interested in the things that I do!

Though my current blog is relatively new I am by no means a novice to the concept, I’ve had blogs and websites running back from the days I was an annoyingly tomboy-ish school girl. I find it a great way to connect with people all over the world with similar interests. This is especially important to me as there are very few people running around Australia who are willing to glue shiny jewels to their mobile phone!

The reason that I chose Nuffnang as my advertiser is the feel of community. I find that with other advertising networks people tend to get right down to the point- money. I’m not in this to make a million dollars (though I sure as hell wouldn’t say no, do you know how many Angelic Pretty dresses that would buy?!) I am here to make friends, meet people and have a damn good time doing it! We bloggers tend to stay at our computers too much, so it’s fantastic that Nuffnang gives us the opportunity to get out of the house and meet each other at events where we can learn more that each other’s screen names :D

I’m looking forward to becoming a really involved member in this community so don’t be afraid to say hello!