1. What is Nuffnang?
    • Nuffnang is Australia and the world's leading blog advertising community. We connect bloggers with brands via sponsored content and display advertising opportunities and connect bloggers with each other via intimate networking events and larger scale educational conferences.
  2. How does Nuffnang work for advertisers?
    • Nuffnang offer a variety of products that serve the Australian blogosphere. Whichever product suite the advertiser chooses to invest in, the process is very simple
      • Firstly advertisers provide Nuffnang with a brief of who they are trying to target and what they are trying to achieve with their advertising campaign.
      • Nuffnang then develop a campaign concept and suggest the most appropriate bloggers to participate.
      • Once the concept and bloggers are approved by the advertiser, we will send an insertion order to sign, then invite bloggers to participate and launch your campaign! Whilst we always put forward who we believe are the most appropriate bloggers, it will always be up to the blogger if they wish to participate or not.
  3. Is blog advertising effective?
    • There is compelling evidence to support the effectiveness of blog advertising. According to Nuffnang's most recent Australian Blogosphere Report
      • 89% of blog readers have become more aware of a product / service
      • 95% have considered purchasing a product / service
      • 84% of have actually already made a purchase of a product / service after reading about it on a blog
    • This is reinforced by the multitude of comments per campaign that readers make to the same effect. For example "What a great post. You have definitely encouraged me to go to the supermarket tomorrow to try some XXX"
  4. Why should we choose blog marketing over other advertising options?
    • Blog marketing is the best way to partner with some of the most influential voices online. Nuffnang products offer advertisers the most effective and influential vehicle to connect with blog readers (your consumers) because we stimulate authentic conversation around your brand in a way that is engaging yet subtle and bold, yet safe. This two way dialogue is unique to the blogosphere and creates word of mouth like no other and has the ability to shift opinion in a much more personal way than any other medium.
  5. What types of advertising is available?
    • Nuffnang are always evolving and creating new products. Our major products are:
      • Sponsored posts
      • Sponsored series (sponsoring blogger content)
      • Social media outreach
      • Product talk (sampling)
      • Event sponsorship
      • Blogger content creation
      • Display media (a mandatory component of all of our campaigns that helps to extend campaign reach and reach all relevant pockets of the blogosphere)
  6. How much does it cost to work with bloggers?
    • How long is a piece of string! Our minimum investment for a campaign is $5K however we are always happy to tailor a response for your clients.
  7. How does payment work?
    • Nuffnang will invoice you for the total campaign amount in the month that the campaign starts
  8. Can I choose which blogs we advertise with?
    • As we have more than 6,500 blogs, we try to make the job a little easier and recommend bloggers we feel will be the best fit for your brand and allow you to reach and engage your target audience effectively. If you're not happy with any of the suggestions we're more than happy to review and suggest different bloggers or offer a range that you can select from.
    • For display media we will target to groups of particular verticals relevant to your brand, with display ads serving on blogs across that particular vertical.
    • If there's a particular blog or group of blogs that tickle your fancy and would love to work with, let us know! We're always happy to arrange or enquire.
  9. Can I preview what my advertisements will look like?
    • Yes! For Sponsored posts you have the opportunity to review the post before it goes live to ensure that you're happy that all key messages have been integrated and that the post is factually sound. While this review process is designed to offer peace of mind, we don't allow huge changes to be made to blogger's work. It's important to allow each blogger's voice and natural style to come through the post, as they know what will work well with their audience.
  10. How do I become an advertiser?
    • Submit a ticket through our Helpdesk and your enquiry will be passed onto the most relevant member of our Sales team who will get in touch to discuss your brief.
  11. What are Talent bloggers?
    • Bloggerati by Nuffnang was established in 2013 as the talent agency division of Nuffnang Australia. Bloggerati work with the top bloggers from our NN community and closely manage their successful brand partnerships, media relations and professional development.
    • Bloggerati By Nuffnang pride themselves on their close working relationships with their bloggers, allowing them to match bloggers with brands that are a natural fit for their voice and audience.  Successful brand partnerships include work with Jetstar, Westfield, Chanel, Target, Dettol, Twinings, Fisher Price, Sharp, Samsonite and KitchenAid.
    • To explore partnerships, media opportunities or ambassadorships, get in touch with the Bloggerati team