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How to Find a Good Building Inspector

A building inspector plays a very important role as they will help you know if or not you should invest in a property. If you do not make a wise decision then you may soon have to get involved in expensive repairs, something you definitely would not want. But you just cannot hire about any inspector but need a trustworthy one.A question now running in your mind must be how to find a good building inspector. Well, this is exactly what we shall now help you discover.

Search the internet or take suggestions

If you search the internet for ‘building inspection adelaide’ you will come across many results and you can select the top few. Or, if you know someone, a friend or a relative who has recently taken the services of a home inspector then you can take recommendations from them.

Learn about their experience and license

Once you have the shortlist of a few inspectors ready you can go ahead and interview them. The first thing you need to learn about is their experience. Also, request them to show you their license. All licensed inspectors have a license number which they will readily share.

Will they offer you a thorough inspection?

A pre-purchase building inspection can take 30 to 90 minutes and the inspector should be looking for cavity dampness, wall cracks, rusting framework, drainage, leaks, and other plumbing issues, electric faults, and so on.Do find out what exactly will your inspector offer.

Find if they are insured

It is very important for the inspector to be properly insured to cover damage caused to any third party property or person. So, do give importance to this fact.

Learn about their charges

If you are getting lured into hiring the cheapest inspector you should rather not hire any at all. A cheap inspector might not look for faults in the building carefully and then you will have to bear the consequences later. Do not give importance to the price alone ever.

Consider their experience, popularity and also go through their testimonials and then create a list of the few you like. Amongst these, you can choose the one that offers you the best deal.

To Conclude –

if you follow each of these tips you easily will be able to find a good building inspector who will fit within your budget and offer you the best inspection services, and thus ensuring you complete peace of mind.

Do You Know How To Remove Negative Content From Google?

Negative content from Google can be removed. Though it may take some time, but yes it can be removed. Following are some effective ways of removing negative content from Google:


You can have negative content removed by filing for a copyright removal if your picture or some content appears on the Internet without permission. You can always request for the removal of your personal information through Google’s DMCA form.


Google also allows the submission of requests for legal removal of content that violates Google’s terms and conditions. Google offers multiple products and services which users use. All of these products are developed and managed by different teams. Therefore, it needs a specific tool to report about the removal of content from the platform it appears on.


With that said, you should be careful while submitting request to Google. Bear in mind the fact that Google does not remove content in each and every request. The content is removed only if there is a strong reason for removal.


Cache cleanup is another important step in removing negative content from Google. You may request Google to remove cache pages, cache images, etc.


You should contact the site administrator to remove content that is hurting your reputation. Ask them to remove the content that is not good for your reputation.


You may request the poster to remove the content, as some sites allow the posters to remove their content. Contact the poster to settle the issue and request them to remove content.


Legal action is, perhaps, the most exhaustive and time-consuming way to remove negative content from Google. However, you will never be able to sue the website for posting the content. As per the Communication Decency Act, you can’t sue third party sites based on what others


With that said, you can hire a reputable online reputation management company to remove negative content. They can help you remove the negative content quickly and professionally.

How To Optimise Your Blog Posts For SEO

These sites have become a place where internet users have the ability to express themselves, provide advice, and even share files and media. A site’s flexibility has made it into one of the most effective ways to market content and drive traffic visitors to different sorts of websites.


Nowadays, most websites today have their own type of website content, which permits them to drive traffic and supply an assortment of helpful information that would benefit readers, and also create contacts that can help a business grow. These reasons have led to sites getting crucial for growing your website and to creating content advertising campaigns which would help drive more traffic and sales.


Despite the numerous changes in digital advertising and SEO, blogs stay as an important element for a successful site. Optimizing blogs for SEO in the current age requires a whole lot of effort and time, as you may need to make certain your content is searchable and enlightening it moves search engine criteria. There are a number of ways to optimize your site, and choosing the perfect strategy will guarantee more success, together with quality content.


Here are our top 5 tips to optimise your blogs to rank organically –

  1. Optimise your onpage SEO – Page Titles, Meta Descriptions & internal links
  2. Proper, unique imagery
  3. External links to relevant sources
  4. Aim for 1000+ word count
  5. Get some high authority backlinks to point to the article

Business Insurance in Australia

As a growing number of people turn to the courts to seek damages from companies when they think they’ve suffered a loss, it’s become even more important for companies to protect themselves.


Thankfully here in Australia there’s a really competitive market in regards to public liability insurance, and it follows that the premiums are extremely affordable for many business types.


In this guide we will take a closer look at public liability cover for Australian companies.


There are two main dangers that Australian business can protect themselves against public liability:

  • The risk of causing harm to another person’s property
  • The risk of causing harm or death to another person

These are both very serious dangers, and the Australian legal system does permit those who have suffered such losses to sue the companies accountable through the courts.


There’s some confusion out there if not public liability insurance is compulsory for company in Australia.

The brief answer is no, however there are some business types that will have their own set of principles.


Many trades have compulsory public liability requirements, especially the ones that must operate under a state authorities issued permit like an electric or plumbing contractor.  For small business owners, we recommend comparing business insurance with iSelect & BizCover.


Some companies may also have mandatory requirements set by their industry association or their landlord for example.


Generally these requirements are put in individual contracts rather than being required by any specific law.


Differences Between States

There are a few minor exceptions however, such as Qld electricians who need a particular kind of public liability insurance including consumer protection cover.


Plumbers in Victoria have unique public liability requirements, as their policies should include a particular extension for plumbers guarantee cover.

Join Nuffnang for an advanced screening of The Book of Life!

With thanks to Twentieth Century Fox, Nuffnang is hosting an exclusive advanced screening in Melbourne of the animated comedy THE BOOK OF LIFE. This film is sure to be a favourite for audiences of all ages and we can’t wait to share it with you. Keep reading to find out how to claim your tickets!

From producer Guillermo del Toro and director Jorge Gutierrez, THE BOOK OF LIFE is the journey of Manolo, a young man torn between fulfilling the expectations of his family and following his heart. Before choosing which path to follow, he embarks on an incredible adventure that spans three fantastical worlds where he must face his greatest fears in order to be reunited with his lifelong love, Maria. Nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature, THE BOOK OF LIFE is a vibrant, engaging comedy that the whole family is sure to enjoy.

THE BOOK OF LIFE will be in cinemas from 30 March, but as a Nuffnang blogger you and your family are invited to come see it first! Nuffnang’s advanced 3D screening will be held in Melbourne on Saturday 21 March.

To secure tickets for you and up to three guests, please register your interest via the form below no later than 9pm AEDT Monday 16 March. We’ll be in touch on the 17th to let you know if you’ve got tickets coming your way.

Follow NNAU on Dayre!

Quick Poll: What device are you using to read this post?

If you’re like many Australians, you’re likely using a smartphone or tablet! As Aussies are spending more and more time using the web via handheld devices, how they share their content is changing too. In addition to our blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, Nuffnang AU is now also on Dayre!

Dayre (pronounced Day-ree) is a new social media platform for blogging on the go.

Dayre is an app that allows you to blog from your mobile phone or tablet. Dayre is for busy people with more to say than 140 characters, or that a filtered photo will allow. It’s the perfect window behind-the-scenes for updates on the go, and now Nuffnang AU is sharing updates there too!

You have the option of 5 different types of content to mix and match into your posts: Text, Photo (with filter options!), Video, Stickers, or Location.


Chronicled day-by-day, Dayre is the next big thing in social and the easiest way to blog on the go. Be sure to follow @Nuffnangau on Dayre to see behind-the-scenes of blogger events and campaigns, as well as our usual team antics of course!

All the staff from Team Nuffnang have been having heaps of fun with Dayre already, so be sure to follow along! Leave a comment below with your Dayre handle so we can follow you too!

My Top 5 Aussie Male Bloggers

With Movember underway at the moment it’s a great time to bring awareness to the often ignored issues of men’s health. I thought it would be great opportunity to also bring attention to some of our Aussie Men who are getting it done in the blogosphere. So, in no particular order here is my Top 5 Aussie Male Bloggers.

1. Man of Many

Frank Arthur and Scott Purcell Co-Founders of

To think just after a single night and a few beers later they have created a blog that caters for so many men in a showcase of content. Man of Many cover all the bases from exciting and unique brands in fashion and all the current trends in design and tech. Personal favourite blogs are in the Entertainment Category, covering some cool content from awesome coffee book collections to everything cars. These boys are getting it done in the blogosphere, and gaining the credit they deserve. The guys were fortunate with a big win in the Blogster Awards, taking home the prize for best blogger in the Tech, Media & Design category. We can expect they will be gaining a lot of traffic their way.

2. I Dig Your Sole Man

Lester Jones Creator and Owner at

If you love your kicks or just have a massive shoe fetish, I Dig Your Sole Man has got it covered. IDYSM is a blog filled with interesting articles and photography on all things street and sneaker culture. If you love your shoe culture, the ‘In Their Shoes’ blog category is a personal favourite showcasing a written word interview series with interesting, influential and intriguing influencers from around the world.  From sneaker events to the latest releases on all things shoes, Lester is your man bringing it to the ever growing Australian sneakerhead community.

3. Mr Volpato

Marco Volpato Founder & Editor In Chief at

Mr Volpato is the blog that is all things sheer sophistication for the modern man. Marco writes a witty and light hearted site that is filled with a great variety of content.  From all things style and grooming, to life’s little pleasures and the ladies, there is something that will keep you coming back for more. The ‘Life’ content category is a great read, showcasing some awesome new tunes to the positive posts telling you to chase you dreams. Mr Volpato is a blog full of positivity and pure class.

4. Wayward Son

Gian Reyes Managing Editor at

Gian Only Launched in August this year but is already seeing a huge amount of interest from its readers and it’s not hard to see why. This lifestyle blog is jam-packed full of content ranging from fashion, bars, restaurants, health, travel to entertainment and the ladies. Gian’s Health blog is one that is both practical and insightful along with his very handy travel tips for the common man. Wayward Son has experienced huge exposure and in such a short period of time, Gian deserves a pat on the back for his efforts.

5. SMF (Sydney Me­­­­n’s Fashion)

Elias El-Indari Founder and Editor at (Sydney Men’s Fashion)

Elias originated in Sydney but his talents have taken him all over the globe, where he still blogs the current trends whilst always being impeccably dressed.  Amongst his style blogs he contributes greatly to travel and luxury wheels, where you will become envious of his current lifestyle.  His blog also contributes to the latest in tech news and addresses something for the ladies too. If you are inspired by all things high-end and you want to be in the know then is the site for you. 

Living The Dubai Dream

Australia’s top talent bloggers will this week embark on Australia’s largest international social tourism campaign, partnering with the Dubai Tourism Australia & New Zealand Office to capture the excitement and diversity of Dubai.

Australia’s largest blogging community Nuffnang is partnering with Dubai Tourism to send its talent core, Bloggerati of 21 bloggers with seven staff to experience first-hand the rich culture Dubai has to offer.

The campaign forms a significant part of Dubai Tourism Australia & New Zealand Office’s Digital Strategy where 21 bloggers, two blog readers and Nuffnang staff will fly to Dubai in early December, in return receiving a reach close to 8 million.

Nuffnang’s Managing Director Felicity Grey says the idea to send Bloggerati talent to Dubai arrived when she first witnessed the diverse talent of the Nuffnang group upon accepting the role of Managing Director earlier this year.

“Bloggerati is the most diverse blogging talent group in the country covering a variety of categories from food, travel fashion and lifestyle and interiors to health and fitness, parenting and craft. Nuffnang’s Bloggerati is the only blogger talent group to cover it all, so Dubai with its kaleidoscope of attractions makes perfect sense for our group to showcase the breadth of activities available,” said Ms Grey.

“Dubai Tourism is delighted to partner with Nuffnang on their annual Bloggerati Getaway, to showcase Dubai’s diverse attractions and experiences to the various audiences that their top bloggers attract. The bloggers will be visiting Dubai’s iconic attractions as well as uncovering some of the unexpected experiences Dubai offers to our region,” said Director, Dubai Tourism – Australia and New Zealand, Julie King.

“The Dubai Blogger Getaway will be supported by our partners The Address Hotels & Resorts – Palace Downtown Dubai, The Address Downtown Dubai, The Address Dubai Mall, and Vida Downtown Dubai, JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai and Shangri-La Hotel Dubai.”

The bloggers and social media influencers will be leveraging the #MyDubai initiative, created by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council, with a request for residents and visitors to join him in sharing photos, videos and stories on social media and show their experiences of Dubai.

The intention is to celebrate the everyday lives of the people and communities of the Emirate and show the city that is beneath the landmarks, headlines and superlatives. The Australia #MyDubai initiative will provide the opportunity to showcase and uncover some of Dubai’s hidden gems and lesser-known highlights to the Australian market.

“This is the first time Australia has seen an international tourism board commit to an impressive Blogger Getaway of this size. Nuffnang is proud to be part of this industry-first and our bloggers are ecstatic to be working with Dubai,” said Ms Grey.

The 21 talent bloggers making the journey to Dubai include:

Food Porn,

Learning 4 Kids,

Learn With Play At Home,

Inside Out Style Blog,

My Poppet,

Sharon the Make Up Artist,

Interiors Addict,

Be A Fun Mum,


School Mum,

Sesame Ellis,

One Crafty Mumma,

Life, Love and Hiccups,

The House That AM Built,

Move Fuel Love,

Chloe’s Addiction,

Vintage Current,

Melbourne Girl,

Esme & The Laneway,

The Home Journal,

The Life Creative,

One lucky blog reader and a friend also have the chance to share the Dubai experience with their favourite blogger, by entering to win a trip to Dubai with the blogging contingent. Details will be released via the travelling bloggers in the coming week.

Live your travel dreams: Win a Trip to Dubai!

Dubai is the land of dreams: the tallest buildings, the best shopping, the perfect playground for adventure. With hundreds of world-class restaurants and stylish bars and clubs to choose from, Dubai is a city where gastronomy and nightlife thrive. It’s a city of rich in culture, home to over 200 nationalities with prided Arabian roots.

Nuffnang Bloggerati are heading to the Middle East this December in partnership with Dubai Tourism on Australia’s largest international social tourism campaign, and you could be coming along! Now you have the chance to win the trip of your dreams with Nuffnang bloggers and Dubai Tourism! Keep reading to find out how.


Share your Dubai Dreams and you could win the ultimate trip for two to Dubai this December! The prize package includes return airfare from your nearest capital city, luxurious hotel accommodation, and activities to experience Dubai like none other. You and a travel companion will join Nuffnang Bloggerati on the trip of your dreams!

To win, simply answer the question: “What do you dream of in Dubai?” via a social media post with the hashtags #NNDubaiDreams and #MyDubai.  Your answer can be text, photo, video… Get creative! The best post as determined by our panel of judges wins.

* Social media posts must be publicly visible and include both #NNDubaiDreams and #mydubai hashtags to be eligible
* Entry is open to residents of Australia with a valid passport
* Winner must be available to travel December 3 – 12, 2014

Get inspired with Dubai Tourism and start sharing your Dubai Dreams to win!