Garnier Olia

The Objective

This campaign was designed to generate awareness and purchase intent for Garnier Olia, the first permanent home hair colour powered by oils, not ammonia.

The Big Idea

Nuffnang engaged five prominent beauty and lifestyle bloggers to create two sponsored posts showcasing their experience with Garnier Olia. The first sponsored posts explained the technology behind the new product and shared each blogger's plan to dye their own hair, and the second shared a review of the product and the end result. Each sponsored post featured a giveaway of Garnier Olia hair colour. Each blogger supported their sponsored posts with a minimum of three social media mentions. Additionally, 300,000 targeted banners were run on beauty blogs across the Nuffnang network.

The Result

The Garnier Olia campaign performed exceptionally well from an engagement perspective, seeing Olia branded blogger content shared over 650 times, while the posts garnered a lot of positive sentiment. Campaign engagement overall was very high, finishing at 0.93%, more than four times Nuffnang's benchmark, suggesting that bloggers were able to reach and engage a highly relevant audience for Garnier. Over 150 readers expressed their curiosity about the product, with many sharing their own plans to try it, especially after seeing the results it had for each blogger.