Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids

The Objective

To build awareness and purchase intent for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids, the first designated tablet for children, and increase conversation around the use of tablets and learning

The Big Idea

Nuffnang engaged five of Australia's largest parenting and play bloggers and sent them a tablet each to trial. Each blogger wrote 1 Sponsored Post reviewing the product and its features and each gave away a $100 Google Play voucher to a lucky reader. Bloggers then wrote 1 x Native Advertising post which looked at the evolution of learning/play. 423,000 branded banners were run RON, directing traffic to the Samsung website.

The Result

The campaign was a tremendous success, generating high levels of reach through blogger posts (387,437) and social media audiences (679,370), high levels of engagement and a great deal of buzz and positive sentiment throughout the blogosphere. Both bloggers and readers spoke glowingly about the product and brand, and how they could see it fitting into their lives. There were 450+ reader comments across posts and 660 shares on social media, reflecting that readers found the content useful. 100 social media mentions were created organically by bloggers, totalling $11,800 in added value. This reflected the fantastic fit of the bloggers put forward as well as the value of providing bloggers with a first hand experience with the product.