Pepsi Next

The Objective

The objective of the Pepsi Next campaign was to generate awareness and purchase intent for Pepsi Next, the first cola in Australia to be sweetened naturally using Stevia. The target audience was MGB or mums who might not be aware of this product on the market as a 'relatively healthier' alternative.

The Big Idea

Nuffnang engaged four popular parenting bloggers for the core component of this campaign. Each was sent a picnic kit including Pepsi Next product and an allowance to enjoy a 'natural experience' with their family (trip to the farm, hiking in the bush, etc). Bloggers wrote one Sponsored Post each about their experience, incorporating information about the product, and featuring a picnic-set giveaway. Bloggers then published two Native Advertising posts about 'natural experiences' parents can give to their children over the summer holiday period, the content of which was sponsored by Pepsi Next. Nuffnang also ran a Product Talk call-out to their community and sent product samples out. Branded banners also ran alongside this activity.

The Result

This was a very successful campaign which generated a great deal of excitement in the blogosphere. The quality of all blogger posts (sponsored, native advertising) were fantastic, with the Product Talk call out producing an additional 14 glowing blog posts. The campaign’s engagement rate (0.36%) was above benchmark, with readers engaging very positively with the themes of the brand, often expressing purchase intent now they learnt all about the product. 32 social media mentions were generated organically by bloggers about the great time they had had with the campaign. The banner CTR of 0.15% was also above benchmark.