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Are Adidas Slides Still Trending in Australia?

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Since Adidas first released Adilette slides, probably with the original intent of marketing them as pool slip-ons, many other popular brands like Nike and Calvin Klein have jumped on the slides bandwagon. So are Adidas slides still trending in Australia?


Unequivocally, yes! Adidas slides are still a thing in Australia, but now they’ve evolved from their initial use. First because celebrities like the Hadid sisters and Dakota Fanning have made them seem like everyday comfort shoes. Adidas slides are no longer relegated to pool side wears. In fact things have gotten so drastic people now pair them with socks when the temperature gets cooler, instead of wearing winter footwear. This used to be a fashion faux pas, but the industry has adjusted.


If things keep going this way, we might need to stage a world wide intervention. Can’t have people showing up to work with suits and slides. If the current trend keeps moving the way it is, this might actually happen.


Second, Adidas has been busy since Adilette came out. They’ve upped their ante by creating even more comfortable apr├Ęs sport sandals like the Adisage, Cloudfoam and performance superstar 3G. Even the original white and black stripped Adilette got a makeover with the checkerboard slides by Raf Simons.


So are they still trendy? Yes they currently are, and with the durability on them, they will remain trendy for the foreseeable future. Humanity’s grip on formality seems to be sliding (pun intended) into an era of comfort, such that even the clothing fashion industry’s receiving a makeover – thanks to Rihanna’s inclusivity brand.


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