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Introducing eBay Collections!

eBay Australia is launching a new feature, eBay Collections! eBay Collections is a platform for users to mix and match products from around a theme or passion. eBay Collections allows users to create profiles, and build ‘Collections’ filled with interesting items found on eBay.
Nuffnang and eBay have teamed up to find 400 of Australia’s [...]

The Big Man's World is the blogger of the Month for April

My blog is my corner of the internet for me to discuss things I’m passionate about - health, food and travel - coupled with snippets from my day to day life. I love to discuss current health issues, blog trends and post recipes!

Nuffnang Australia

Love Ebay? Then you'll really love this: #ebaycollections

Bloggers go to Market

This weekend, Nuffnang bloggers got to attend a behind-the-scenes tour of the South Melbourne Market. From quirky to delicious, we saw it all! Our wonderful tour guide led us through the labyrinth of stalls on a busy Saturday morning, guiding the group to show off some of the market's best kept secrets. As [...]

A Spoonful of Sugar is the blogger of the Month for Mar

A Spoonful of Sugar is a blog by a mother and daughter duo. We share lots of free craft and sewing tutorials, delicious recipes, and creative projects. We love to do something creative every day and we hope to inspire others to make, bake, and create.

The Fashann Monster is the blogger of the Month for Feb

I enjoy everything about blogging. Getting the photos done, choosing which photos to use, putting the posts together, reading & responding to people’s comments. I enjoy all of it.

Nuffnang Australia

Hope you have a great birthday @jeroxie! Enjoy!

Thanks for celebrating with us!

Thanks everyone who joined us for our 7-day, "007" themed birthday! Nuffnang is proud to have been rocking the blogosphere since 2007, and we couldn't do it without all of you.
What's a birthday without presents? Adding to the celebrations, we had some amazing businesses sponsor some "secret weapons" and great giveaways.
A special thank you to [...]

Nuffnang Australia

A cute & creative Easter message/decor idea @polkadotbride @atypicaltypea

Nuffnang Australia

Easy (and adorable) Easter bunny bunting from @mypoppetshop

Celebrate Nuffnang’s 7th Birthday!

Nuffnang has been rocking the blogosphere for 7 years!
In that time, our community of Aussie bloggers has grown to nearly 7,000.
 To celebrate this septenary milestone on 27th Feb, we’re leading NN bloggers on a secret mission… 007 style!
Every day for 7 days, we'll be giving away some amazing prizes.
Just solve the "mystery" to WIN
Look for [...]

Nuffnang Australia

A look at a heartwarming renovation project @ElementatHome

Nuffnang Australia

Stop being the "bad guy" in controlling your kids' use of tech BONUS: Win a $100 voucher from Google Play!...

Nuffnang Australia

It's time for a looong weekend! Happy Easter!

Best Practice for Display Advertising on a Blog

There are a couple of things that really annoy me when I’m online:

Awesome Buzzfeed lists that don’t apply to me (but I reaaaaallllly want them to)
People who chronically over hashtag #healthy #food #leaf #salad #green #instafood #instashutupwegetit
Crap, spammy display ads encouraging me to find out which '6 foods I should never eat again’

I’m sure you can all [...]

Nuffnang Australia

@SixLittleHearts So glad it's finally all sorted! Yay!

Nuffnang Australia

Decorating for Easter, adults style @ElementatHome

Nuffnang Australia

Happy 6th blogiversary to @eatdrinkbekerry!

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